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Title: Humpback Whales Feeding 30 Yards From Beach West Cliff Dr - Santa Cruz, CA
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Duration: 1:59 Published: 3 years ago Author: channel
Description: Humpback Whales Feeding 30 yards from beach West Cliff Dr - Santa Cruz, CA

A pair of Humpback Whales swam less than 30 yards away from waves breaking on a beach on West Cliff Dr in Santa Cruz, CA today. Hundreds of people lined the shore to watch these majestic creatures swim in these shallow waters and feed on their prey.

The Humpback Whales brought an entourage with them wherever they traveled. The entourage was a veritable menagerie which included Sea Lions, Sea Otters, thousands of black birds, sea gulls and pelicans.

While it isn't unusual to see sea lions and sea otters, the fact that all of these animals were traveling together indicated a bonanza of prey, under the relatively calm ocean.

It was a gorgeous day filled with warmth, laughter and gentle sea creatures going about their day.

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